Your Heaven® CloseUp® System for Guitar Demonstration

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Your Heaven® CloseUp® System for Guitar

Arc Iris live at The Met, Pawtucket, RI

Note: Video is disabled on iPhone due to browser limitations. You can still listen to the audio tracks. If you'd like to see the video, please use a computer or iPad.


Compare audio tracks:

1 Stereo Room Mic 2 Your Heaven CloseUp® System

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Press play, then click the buttons above or use the keyboard shortcuts to change the audio track you are listening to. Feel free to switch between them as the movie is playing. All audio tracks were recorded simultaneously.

Keyboard Shortcuts:

Play/Pause = Space Enter or P
Choose Audio Track = Numbers
RW = , or numpad *
FF = . or numpad -

About this Demonstration

This is a recording from a performance by Arc Iris at The Met in Pawtucket, RI. Jocie Adams, songwriter and bandleader of Arc Iris, used the Your Heaven® CloseUp® System for guitar to amplify her acoustic guitar for this performance.

If you toggle back and forth between the two audio tracks, you can compare the sound in the hall, as recorded by an Audio Technica AT822 (placed about 12 ft in front of the trumpet player), and the sound coming directly out of the Your Heaven® CloseUp® System for guitar that was being fed to the board during the show. We think you'll find that the Your Heaven® CloseUp® System for guitar does an excellent job of capturing a quality, acoustic-sounding guitar sound while simultaneously rejecting most of the other sound on stage and avoiding feedback.

Stereo Room Mic

The Stereo Room Mic is an Audio Technica AT822 XY stereo condenser used as a reference to capture the sound in the room.

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