Here are some common questions from artists.

Singers & Song Writers

I want to record my songs at home, but I don’t have a studio or a perfectly quiet space.

The CloseUp® System records your instrument with high-quality audio while isolating from background noises, even outside or in noisy rooms. Whether you record in your bedroom, kitchen, home studio, garage, or even your backyard, the CloseUp® System will capture your best sound on every take.

In my home studio, I have to record multiple takes for my guitar and my voice. The process is time consuming.

You can make home recordings more efficient with the CloseUp® System. If multiple takes are necessary, you can re-record your vocals without needing to throw away the guitar track. When a guitar is recorded with the CloseUp® System, any vocals the guitarist sings will be so quiet in the guitar track that you’d never notice them in a mix. Check out this interactive demonstration to hear for yourself.

It’s hard to be heard in noisy venues, but I don’t want the artificial and processed sound that I get from most pickup systems.

With a breakthrough invention in audio engineering, the CloseUp® System replaces your pickup and gives you an extra boost without compromising your instrument’s authenticity. The CloseUp® System simply makes it easier to hear your natural sound.

Band Members

I’m often on the road, and my sound equipment is heavy and cumbersome.

The CloseUp® System is a single solution to lugging around all that burdensome equipment. Its light weight and portable size makes the CloseUp® System easy to pack up and carry with you. The processor stores multiple profiles so you can use the same CloseUp® System for multiple instruments. Plus, it has a durable aluminum enclosure can withstand the wear and tear of the road.

I play an acoustic instrument that doesn’t project in noisy venues and is hard to hear over the rest of my band.

For gigs with a band or in noisy venues where you want extra volume, the CloseUp® System can help you effortlessly boost your sound. It works like a pickup to isolate and amplify your instrument, but unlike other systems, you won’t have to battle with feedback problems or complicated wiring. Now you can rock out with the confidence that your sound will be heard!

Studio & Sound Engineers

I’m a studio engineer, and I often work with the same musicians on multiple projects.

The CloseUp® System remembers individual profiles, making familiar set-up easy and efficient. The user-friendly software guides you through the profiling process in just a few minutes. You can store up to 4 profiles in the processor box and thousands more on your computer, which you can re-load to your CloseUp® System at any time. With an effortless set-up, you can get right to recording!

I record small string ensembles in my studio.

The CloseUp® System is designed especially for acoustic strings: violins, violas, and cellos. You can easily record string ensembles or soloists with the CloseUp® System and avoid the hassles of standard microphones. The excellent isolation allows the ensemble to play and record in the same space; each CloseUp® System mic picks up only the sound of the instrument to which it’s attached.

I record in noisy outdoor venues, where wind and environment sounds interfere with a quality recording.

The CloseUp System® has precise isolation technology that captures only your instrument’s sound while blocking out extraneous noises from the venue and the weather. Record with confidence, no matter what the forecast.

Teachers & Students

I’m a teacher, and I want to record tutorials so my students can have access to extra learning materials.

With the CloseUp® System, you can easily record high-quality tutorials for your students. The CloseUp® System is lightweight and portable, and it can travel with you between lessons and performances. With excellent isolation, the CloseUp® System will capture only your instrument’s sound, making it easy to record whenever and wherever you want.

I’m a student, and I want to record my playing for auditions.

With the CloseUp® System, recording audition tapes is simple, efficient, and stress-free. In your bedroom, your apartment, or your basement, you can easily capture your best sound with the CloseUp® System’s breakthrough audio isolation technology.

Solo Artists

I’m a solo artist who makes home video tutorials for my social media channels. I want a professional sound without the hassle and space demands of a complicated set-up.

The CloseUp® System is a high-quality alternative to your built-in computer microphone and requires minimal set-up compared to other audio equipment. The class-compliant USB digital audio interface works with virtually any recording software on your Mac, PC, tablet, or smartphone.

The CloseUp® System guides you through an easy set-up and profiles your unique instrument in just a few minutes. Now you can spend less time fussing with your audio equipment and more time playing and sharing your music.

Electronic Musicians

I need to isolate and capture rich sounding acoustic instrument sources for live looping and sampling.

The CloseUp® System provides high quality isolation, capturing with high fidelity your desired sound without any extraneous noise or annoying feedback. Its class-compliant USB digital audio interface is compatible with Macs, PCs, tablets, and smartphones. Plus, the CloseUp® System is small and portable, requiring minimal and easy set-up.

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