The CloseUp® System

Sounds better than any pickup, isolates better than any mic. The best of both worlds.

The CloseUp® System is the ultimate amplification and recording solution for your acoustic stringed instrument.

Studio Quality Sound Anywhere

The CloseUp® System sounds like a studio mic placed by an experienced audio engineer, but it’s self contained, quick to set up and you can use it anywhere – on stage, at home or outside.

Breakthrough Isolation

The only solution that both sounds completely natural and true while isolating tremendously well against background noise, other instruments and feedback.

Simple Recording

The CloseUp® System will not only allow you to record your instrument’s natural tone beautifully and faithfully, but also ensure you won’t have to worry about where you record. You simply won’t hear that car drive by in your recording, and room acoustics are no longer a problem. Plus, the CloseUp System doubles as a USB audio interface that you can plug directly into a laptop, smartphone or tablet to record using your favorite software.


The CloseUp® System is your sound – reliably the same anywhere you play, without worrying about feedback on stage or spending time finding the right sound at each venue.


Just plug and play – the mic can stay on your instrument in its case. When you’re ready to play, just connect the cable to the CloseUp® processor box, and connect that straight to the PA, speaker or house mixer. No preamp, D/I box, EQ or anything else required.

Real Beauty

Enjoy the true, natural acoustic tone of your instrument amplified. No compromising with the dead, mechanical sound of a pickup.

Yours Truly

The CloseUp® System uses proprietary algorithms developed over years of acoustic research with hundreds of instruments played by dozens of performers to customize itself to the unique sound of your instrument. Our simple, step-by-step process allows you to tailor your CloseUp® System to your instrument so it sounds real, natural and acoustic every time. And for additional customization, you can use the EQ module and tone controls to tweak your sound for artistic effect.


The CloseUp® System is designed to work in any situation. The analog audio output is a balanced line out that will connect to almost anything. Power can be supplied from the included USB power supply, a 9V battery, a phone charger, a computer’s USB port or a standard 9V guitar pedal power supply. Store ‘profiles’ for up to 4 instruments on the device and switch between them, and store many more on your computer.

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The CloseUp® System is available now for bowed string instruments (violin, viola and cello) and acoustic guitars: